Reopening of trade route to Kyushu with emission-free shipping

Worldwide, a small number of sailing vessels is carrying cargo across the seas by wind power only. The goods they transport such as wine, olive oil, coffee, and cacao are produced in a fair and sustainable way.

Sailing cargo with the wind is both traditional and innovative. It is a radical and sustainable alternative to the heavily polluting container ships used in today’s shipping industry. Wind-driven transport immediately appeals to your imagination. How different the world would look like if all goods were transported in this manner. Would this actually be possible? How does it affect producers and consumers? These questions inspire reflection.

The merchant sailing fleet is growing. The various projects are gathered in the Sailing Cargo Alliance. Now, 400 years after the first Dutch traders went to the Far East, The Global Tradewind Organisation is preparing a voyage around the globe, from Europe to Asia.

Sailing ships follow the trade winds, steady wind patterns on the oceans. In the past, many sailing routes from Europe to Asia were explored; via north through the polar ice, via south around the capes of Horn and Good Hope. On our voyage to the East, we will make a modern shortcut and sail west via the Panama and Suez canals.

The cargo we carry in our hold is of high quality and produced in harmony with our environment. It is also shipped with the same philosophy. For some products, like wine, miso and spirits, being on board is part of their aging and maturing process.

When you choose to do business with Global Tradewind Organisation, you are not just moving your cargo; you are investing in the idea of clean shipping and you are investing in the future and yourself.

WEBSITE: Global Tradewind Organisation