Indigo: Sharing blue

Dyeing with indigo is one of the oldest methods of dyeing in the world. The colouring process of indigo is magical. When the fabric is pulled out of its dyebath it is yellow, by contact with the air (oxygen) it turns green, moments later its changes to green/blue to it finally gets the distinctive deep blue colour. There was always a lot of mystery surrounding the process. Mastering this organic process still requires a lot of knowledge and skill.

In the period from 1600 to 1800 (VOC period and Edo period) dyeing with indigo was immensely popular in both the Netherlands and Japan. To this day, the mysterious paint method still has a great power of attraction. Indigo: Sharing blue is a research project into dyeing with indigo and the specific textile applications that originated from the technique in both countries.

Four Dutch maker-designers explore the beautiful indigo past between the two countries and will take an apprenticeship with Japanese masters. They will research traditional techniques, bring tradition back to life and experiment with contemporary applications. They study the value of indigo for creative and sustainable solutions and use the techniques in fashion, interior and design. The results are visualized through inspiring exhibitions, both in the Netherlands and Japan, and online through the website.

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