In a colourful installation of textile and film, designers Emilie Pallard, Niels Heymans and Makiko Shinoda show a fabric that was developed in collaboration with a traditional Kurume-kasuri (Kurume -Ikat) weaver (and the shop Unagi no Nedoko which develops and sells crafted products) in Yame, Japan.

Over the period of a year, their stays in Japan and the design process was documented. In a short film the designers show a personal observation of the everyday Japan and at the same time the production process is revealed.

Niels Heymans, Emilie Pallard and Makiko Shinoda are joining forces. The three of them met in 2008 during their studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Having grown up in different countries, Makiko (Japan), Emilie (France) and Niels (The Netherlands) were interested in each other’s background and kept a dialogue on various topics related to design and culture. One of these conversations kindled a common wish to collaborate with a Japanese craft.

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