the Hirado Conservation and Development Workshop

The workshop is co-organised by the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) and the Japan-Netherlands Architecture and Cultural Association (JNACA). As part of the 2016/2017 Holland-Kyushu Year, the first workshop was held in Arita in 2016 and this year it will be held in Hirado. Twelve students from Kyushu and Tokyo will take part in the 5-day workshop.

The Hirado Conservation and Development Workshop aims to define the development potentials of Hirado’s historical core. The outcome of the workshop will be policy advice to the municipality of Hirado regarding planning and design of the inner city and its buildings.

The method used is a quick scan on two topics:

Part 1: Quick scan regarding the development potentials of the historical features of the historical precincts. This quick scan method is derived from the Dutch Inner-City Renewal Programmes, and has been adapted to overseas needs. The RCE is interested in testing this method in Japan in order to improve the method.

Part 2: Quick scan of the redesign options of some individual structures within the selected historical precincts.