Crafts working visit in April 2016

From 5 to 9 April 2016, Dutch and Japanese crafts experts paid a working visit to Kyushu. The purpose of the visit was to exchange knowledge, make new contacts and investigate possibilities for future cooperation in terms of immaterial heritage, education and the transfer of knowledge, innovation, earnings models and infrastructure. The atmosphere amongst the participants was extremely cordial and open. Both the Dutch and the Japanese called the programme and the company inspiring. Plans are already being developed for a second meeting of experts in the autumn. The programme included a meeting in which Dutch and Japanese participants introduced projects for which they were seeking collaborative partners. Apart from the Dutch experts, representatives from various businesses and organisations from Fukuoka, Nagasaki Tokyo were also present.

Pottery, textiles and cuisine
Moreover, the Dutch delegation had the chance to become acquainted with local crafts makers and companies during their visit. For instance, they went to the National Kyushu Museum and the Nagasaki Prefectural Museum. Through the mediation of local partners in Kyushu, they also were able to get a peek behind the scenes at Unagi no Nedoko and Nagasakirinne. Unagi no Nedoko is a company in Yame City (Fukuoka) that focuses on finding a broader audience for local arts and crafts. Various crafts products from the area are for sale in its shop in Yame, such as textiles (kurume-kasuri), pottery and bamboo products. Nagasakirinne is an initiative of a group of designers, architects and shop owners in Nagasaki that offers a forum on which craftspeople and cooks can present their own work. Nagasakirinne regularly organises a market for crafts and culinary delicacies, temporary exhibitions and workshops.

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The members of the Dutch delegation were:
Marion Poortvliet (Director of Crafts Council Nederland)
Geertje Jacobs (Head of Museum Affairs of the TextielMuseum)
Jeroen van den Eijnde (teacher and researcher at ArtEZ)
Charlotte Landsheer (Director of Cor Unum)
Emiko Chujo (Director of Japan Cultural Exchange/MONO JAPAN).

The Japanese participants were:
Minako Ikeda van (Kyushu University),
Etsuko Miki van (Arita College of Ceramics)
Tomohiko Akimoto van (Loft Work)
Takaharu Hamano van (Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory)
Tomoko Fujiwara van het (Kyushu Ceramic Museum)
Kyohei Baba van (Maruhiro Inc.)
Takahiro Shiramizu van (Unagi no Nedoko)
Nobuyuki Shiki (Arita 2016/)